The end of JWalking….

The end of JWalking - we’re moving out!Hi All, We've got some exciting news - We've landed a gig writing for TheTrek.Co! It has been a year now since we set up JWalking for our PCT hike. This blog was originally set up to keep friends and family updated on the progress of this hike... Continue Reading →

The Trailaversary of our 2018 PCT Thruhike

Wow - how time flies! This time last year we were setting of from Campo with high hope and a grand goal of hiking from the Mexican border to Canada. Seeing the PCT class of 2019 start made Jenny and I incredibly nostalgic about the amazing time we had last year. So, to combat this... Continue Reading →

PCT Section 26 – Canada!

This post follows PCT post 25 - Steven's pass to Canada. Click here to read that post. Waking up to knowing it will be your last day on trail is a weird feeling. Finishing the trail isn’t like finishing a run or hard day hike because you have been on the road for so long... Continue Reading →

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