PCT Section 3 – Warner Springs to Idyllwild

We got into Warner Springs after having stopped at Eagle Rock (a rock that looks like an eagle). On the way to town we also came across 50 cows that were blocking the path. Joal took charge after waiting 15 minutes and rounded them up and moved them down the trail. Unfortunately they moved straight... Continue Reading →

PCT Section 1 – Campo to Mount Laguna 

On Tuesday morning we woke up at Scout and Frodo’s at around 5, put our bags out the front of the house on the porch and had breakfast. This consisted of egg frittata, which is kind of like an omelette but baked in a casserole dish. By 6 we were out of the house, just... Continue Reading →

Fears of the Pacific Crest Trail

As we tell more people about the hike we get two reactions; "Wow that sounds awesome!" and "aren't you worried about [insert thing here]?". Whilst we have had these fears, we've also done our research to make sure we're as equipped for every eventuality as possible. When you look at the number of incidents on... Continue Reading →

What made us choose the PCT?

Great question! The PCT isn’t the easiest long distance walk to start with, and for someone not from America it actually comes with a lot of admin. The idea to walk the PCT is actually a metamorphosis of a number of different ideas that got drawn together over time. Jenny and I had always been... Continue Reading →

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