PCT Section 22 – Timberline Lodge to Washington! Food, mountains and waterfalls.

The breakfast buffet at Timberline was so nice we went for it twice by deciding to zero there. It was great to catch up on the internet in such a lovely setting at the base of Mount Hood.

After being adequately fed and watered we headed back onto trail. The next section skirted around the base of Mount Hood, providing great views. At one outcrop we were able to see the topless St. Helens volcano and Mt Rainer which were our first views of Washington.

We then took a side trail down to Ramona Falls. This was an awesome waterfall second only to Burney. We stopped to have dinner here before we went a little further to sleep.

The views for this section made up for Oregon’s smokey start with the sky being the most blue we’ve seen it all trail. We walked past stunning vistas but also have spent a lot of the time walking through green tunnels of trees. These are gorgeous as the trees are all ridiculously tall.

That evening we had dinner on an outcrop overlooking the Colorado River and the state line. The sun setting was beautiful but when it did the temperature got very chilly very quickly.

10 miles later we were at the Bridge of Gods, the entrance into Washington and also where Cheryl Strayed finished her journey in Wild. We didn’t cross it immediately though as from here we hitched into Portland with a lovely older couple who had section hiked parts of the PCT in the past. The others in the group ended up getting a hitch from an ex-military car which looked too big for the normal roads.

In Portland we started by getting food from the iconic food trucks and then hitting some of the many micro breweries in town. Jenny realised she had lost a little bit of her tolerance for spice after getting some Thai food. Our night ended at Ground Control which is a bar filled with arcade games and pinball machines. From there we went home but Joal decided he was hungry so got in line at the drive through at McDonald’s for a midnight snack

The next day we met up with Dawn and Lisa at a Peruvian restaurant in town. It was great to see them and thank them for their help along the trip. The food was also fantastic, very different from the burgers and fries we tend to get out here.

We then caught a coach back to Cascades and spent the night at the Thunder Brewery. This pub gives PCT hikers their first beer free and had a display explaining what the PCT was, what a hiker was and the lingo. We had a pint by the river before calling it a night. Unfortunately the campground was next to some train tracks so we got woken quite frequently!

5 thoughts on “PCT Section 22 – Timberline Lodge to Washington! Food, mountains and waterfalls.

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  1. Up early waiting with my antiquated laptop waiting for the electronic post to drop into my digital mailbox and hey-ho it arrived. Stunning scenery again, it never ceases to amaze, ever changing. Without my trusted PCT map today to pinpoint your location but at least I know you are beyond 2100 miles and now under 500 to go. Another very well done and a big pat on the back. I’m sure there will lots more to come in the next few weeks.

    Good to see you are slowly preparing for your return to civilisation, looking cleaner, change of clothing and eating at establishments with table clothes, knives and forks.

    Breweries, beer and burgers a theme throughout the blogs and now gaming machines, on the road to ruin?

    Joel I think you look fine in your imaginary car in the burger queue, I like the model but you should have had your lights on. The beer must have been good!

    Jenny hopefully you’ve not given away any secrets of how you’ve made such good progress? Not quite as scenic of your many other photo shots. The precarious log/river crossing looks fun.

    What’s the secret of looking so good after walking in excess of 2000 miles? Not even looking tired.

    Tremendous achievements.



  2. Fantastic photos again, the scenery really is stunning. Great that you can actually see it now. Unsurprisingly food and beer certainly seem to feature a lot! Jenny, did you really eat all that waffle? Not your best photo with the Thai food, it must have been really hot to make you grimace like that! I love the picture of Joal in the McDonald’s drive-through queue! 😂

    That river crossing on the trees looks scary – I’m obviously not as brave as Grandad as it doesn’t look much like fun to me!

    Well done both of you. Loving what you’re doing! xxx


  3. Thai food does that to me too sweetheart, as does pretty much anything bar the traditional Brit fare of pate, spag bol and perhaps a slice of gateaux.
    Both looking good.
    Counting down the days ’til we hear you’ve actually finished – what an achievement that’s going to be. Here’s hoping you love very minute of these final weeks.


  4. Hello you two, I too love the photo of Joal waiting in line for his midnight snack, so funny. Jenny the waffle looked so delicious, bet you didn’t leave any, I wouldn’t. Judging by your photo you enjoyed it better than the Thai food. Thank heavens you hung on tight to the tree crossing the river, looked extremely precarious. Lovely photos again, such wonderful memories for you both and more to come.
    Enjoy the week, more exciting stories/photos to relay to us, lots of love xx


  5. Now back in touch with my PCT map and checking the latest co-ordinates with the data received from the eye in the sky are you rapidly closing in on your destination? Are you now running to get there sooner?

    I know a Kenyan athlete covered 26 miles at the weekend in 2:01:39 but there is really no need to try and match him!

    Enjoy the well deserved beers I’m sure there’ll be another milestone soon.



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