PCT Section 19 – Ashland to Crater Lake. Laughing yoga, hills, forests and meadows.

Before we got to Ashland we looked up places to stay whilst we were in town. One of the places that came up was a campsite with natural hot springs. Thinking this would be good for our feet we booked it over the phone.

Upon arrival we saw lots of signs for laughing yoga, love and healing sessions and meditation. The receptionist also then made us read the rules of the place which included no nudity on site before 8pm. It was then we realised we had decided to stay at one of the more alternative places in Ashland.

Sasila, Porche’s wife came out for the weekend as well. We ended up sharing a teepee with them which was fun although it didn’t give us a break from tenting life. That evening we were in for a treat. Sasila cooked food for the whole trail family which was an amazing spicy pork dish with rice. We then headed for the swimming pool where we were very overdressed.

Getting back on trail refreshed we were treated to Oregon’s rolling hills, forests and meadows. It was nice to get back on trail and we started to test if Oregon was as flat as everyone said it was. In comparison to a lot of California it was flatter, but it definitely wasn’t flat!  A couple in our group have been claiming that the flatness will allow us to do big miles and we are slowly creeping up to doing a marathon a day. Don’t worry Brian it takes us about 10-12 hours so your records are still safe!

This section included a lot of burned areas and there were lots of downed trees on trail. At times it felt like we were horses as we needed to work on our footing as we had 3-4 trees in a row to jump over.

Water carries also became something to think about again, as this section could be pretty dry. We assumed that as we were out of California there would be plenty of water, but our final stretch into Crater Lake consisted of a 20 mile water carry.

When we got to the store at Crater Lake we added a bit more carrying capacity to our packs. We also needed to get a ride to the post office to get our resupply that we had posted from Ashland. Our hitch was with a family who are trying to get all Junior Park Ranger badges from all national parks and monuments. There are over 120 different parks in the USA ,so it involves a lot of driving. If he succeeds he’ll be one of the only people ever to have done this.

It was then time to go see Crater Lake. Jenny had been looking forward to this view for weeks. Unfortunately when we got there the smoke had killed the view and we didn’t have the view we expected.

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  1. What a shame about the smoke at Crater Lake. It still looks lovely with the smoky atmosphere but so disappointing not to see it looking deep blue with clear views of the surrounding mountains. I’m interested in the information board and about how it has been re-named several times. Made me laugh when you said you realised you’d booked into an alternative place to stay. Grandad Scott and I made a mistake a bit like that in Florida once, I’ll tell you about it sometime 😂. Hopefully you’re now enjoying smoke free air and lots of clear views. You’re doing brilliantly. xxx


  2. Monday morning, the blog received bang on schedule and being greeted by two lovely smiling faces.

    Ashland sounds a fun place but being naive what happens after 8pm?

    Disappointing you didn’t get the anticipated views of Crater Lake perhaps next time you are walking by! I’m amused by the TRAIL sign of the 2 old people going the wrong way.

    Thank you for the personal mention, I don’t think many, if any of us will be challenging your achievements.

    I’m plotting progress on my Trail map and reckon you are rapidly approaching 1900 miles walked. Absolutely astounding I’m lost for words (unusual for me).



  3. Hello you two, you both look so happy, lovely to see your smiling faces on a dull, wet Monday morning here. Wood burner alight yesterday, as they say here ‘back end’ now. I am perplexed, what’s is laughing yoga? Sounds more interesting than the knitting group I go to on a Monday afternoon! Bet the red wine went down well with the pork dish cooked for you, very nice. Grandad lost for words, first time ever, though I must agree absolutely brilliant the pair of you. Xx


  4. My apologies I underestimate your achievements. Well beyond 1900 miles and closing in on 2000?
    Look forward to seeing the “stones on the Trail” picture as confirmation. What an achievement 75% through and still looking remarkably good. Brilliant.



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