PCT Section 26 – Canada!

This post follows PCT post 25 – Steven’s pass to Canada. Click here to read that post.

Waking up to knowing it will be your last day on trail is a weird feeling. Finishing the trail isn’t like finishing a run or hard day hike because you have been on the road for so long and it becomes everything you know. It feels surreal that today is the day you cross the finish line. We hadn’t slept much during the night as we were camping on snow. The damp chill from underneath creeps into your bones causing a dull ache in all your bones and joints.

We packed up our tents giddy with excitement leaving out our snacks and champagne for the terminal which Joal had carried for 80 miles from Steven’s Pass.

We walked the 12 miles to the terminal in one go getting more and more excited as we got close. Then, we could see the clear cut of trees that divides the United States from Canada and we knew we were close. We all started cheering and the adrenaline started to pump.

As we got to the monument we heard a roar of cheers as fellow hikers, Porche’s wife and her friends cheered us in. We both saw the terminal statue and went to give it a hug. It was then time to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate.

When we started this trail there was probably a 50% chance we thought we wouldn’t complete the whole trail. To be standing at the end after having walked 2652 miles (over 4300 kilometres) feels unreal. As a Korean friend told us on trail, there is only one way to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. That’s how Jenny and I approached the trail. Celebrating the little milestones of 100 miles or the next town and listening to our bodies, slowing down when they told us to. We took it small bites at a time.

After many celebrations we crossed into Canada where 9 miles later we arrived at Manning Park. These were the fastest miles we’ve done with Jenny positively running down the hills. At the resort, a fellow thru hiker was doing a final bit of trail magic so we had a celebratory beer before hitting the pool and hot tub.

We are very thankful that everything lined up for the best summer of our lives. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way, from trail angels, our hitches into town, our friends and family for their support, and finally all our fellow dirtbag hikers we met on the trail. You’ve reinvigorated our faith in humanity.

This has been the most epic adventure, we have loved the opportunity to live life a little more wild. Living alongside the wildlife and seeing magical scenery that not many people have ever witnessed before has been incredible and fueled us on through the times the trail tested us. The trail has taught us so much and made us realize what we need to be happy: food, shelter and companionship.

6 thoughts on “PCT Section 26 – Canada!

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  1. What a lovely heart warming blog, you have said all that matters. I can try to envisage your difficulties without actually understanding the tiredness, weariness and inhospitable situations you confronted. Sending you huge congratulations, my pride and lots of love. Thank you for brilliant blogs and of course the wonderful photos. Lots of love to you both xxxxx


  2. Congratulations Jenny, Joal and your Trail family. Your adventure has been of epic proportions, you have inspired us with your blog and we are in awe of your achievement in completing the trail. We are so very proud of you. Celebrate well!


  3. I can add no more to what has already been said. Many, many congratulation you are an inspiration to us all. An awesome achievement.



  4. What a lovely final chapter summing up your wonderful adventure. You’ve both been amazing throughout despite all the hard times you’ve had to deal with, and the good times will be with you for the rest of your lives. You’ve helped each other when needed and made some wonderful friends along the way. I hope we’ll meet them one day. Thank you for this brilliant blog and sharing it all with us.

    Many many congratulations 🍾🎉 and lots of love xxx


  5. Congratulations and what an achievement. Do you realise you are probably the fittest you will ever be for the rest of your life and 10 times as fit as everyone reading your blogs. We would all love to do what you have done and envy your ability to make things happen.Well Done both of you !!!


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