Saying our goodbyes and doing last minute preparations for the PCT

The final few days are here and it's time to ensure that everything is in place for the trip and to say our goodbyes.¬† Our calendar since the beginning of the year has been full as we have been fitting in everything that we need to do before leaving. Goodbyes¬† We have been really busy... Continue Reading →

How we took 6 months off to hike the PCT: Minimising the off-trail costs.

When budgeting for the PCT many of our friends have assumed that the cost is solely that of food, gear and flights. Whilst those things do add up (especially if you plan on eating in towns and upgrading seasonal gear along the way) one cost that can creep up on you is the cost of... Continue Reading →

Fears of the Pacific Crest Trail

As we tell more people about the hike we get two reactions; "Wow that sounds awesome!" and "aren't you worried about [insert thing here]?". Whilst we have had these fears, we've also done our research to make sure we're as equipped for every eventuality as possible. When you look at the number of incidents on... Continue Reading →

Applying for a PCT permit

Applying for the PCT permit turned out to be a little bit like Glastonbury. We'd heard lots of stories about people not getting the dates they wanted so ended up taking a lot of precautions! This was one of the first steps we took in making our trip official, so it was quite a nerve... Continue Reading →

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